Okay, so I quit my day job.

Don’t worry, I have one that I accepted an offer with… I’m not completely unemployed. 

So I have been on the job search for a while now. The one I had just wasn’t making me happy. I am happy to say that I just accepted a Director of Operations position with a fantastic company known for taking care of their employees. So I did the respectful thing and gave my notice to my employer, except…. I quit the next day.  –OOPS

Was it my intention – No but I was absolutely miserable going to work every day… sitting in 45 minutes of traffic, not having support from the people you work for, always being short-staffed for whatever the reason, wearing many hats and not getting paid for the time and effort you’re putting in…. the list goes on and on. If you’ve ever worked a job you dreaded going to or felt unappreciated, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

I was out at dinner the night I had given my notice and received a text message that basically said tomorrow I’m getting stuck working another double. –UGH-WTF-WHY-NO– It was in that moment I decided tomorrow would be my last day, not what I had given my notice for, not the rest of the week but tomorrow. And I did exactly that. I went in to work, made sure it was all set to open, put together the catering order and then I turned over my keys with zero hesitation. Let me tell you..  It felt SO good!! 

So by doing this I am taking a two-week, unpaid staycation. Catching up on some sleep, enjoying the sun and the beach, get back into my gym routine and taking back everything that I put on the back burner that made ME happy for a company that didn’t care about anything other than if I showed up to work and did what I was asked. 

So why am I talking about this?

Because I was standing in the shower tonight and was truly happy. I spent the day at the beach, doors off the jeep surfboard in the back, rested not stressed not dreading tomorrow, spending more time with my pup who is my best friend, just thankful for everything that I have and the people in my life. Not worried that I’m taking two weeks with no pay, that tomorrow I have to wake up at 5am for work, just blessed that I am here healthy and alive in this moment. 

Life is short and you only get one chance. Make the most of every moment. Whatever doesn’t make you happy – change it– you are not stuck with what you have. Take in life, take a chance, do something you’ve never done but whatever you do make sure it makes you happy! It’s your life, make it count!




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